Our Solution :

Collect and Prove by KeeeX is a combination of a mobile application, a management backoffice and optionnally a web service portal. Collect and Prove has been designed to allow the integration of management features into your environment if required. User Friendly and easy integration


The mobile application

Tailor-made scenarios for your brand, adjustable at any time (created in a few hours

Verifiability without time limit or future costs of documents and evidence (AI / litigation etc…)

No trusted third party (verifiability without KeeeX)

No digital vault (files that carry their own evidence)

Documents eligible for marketing (photo -> insurer / customer)

Unlimited scalability


The backoffice

Creation of new users based on assigned permissions

Access to usage statistics by user

Creation of QR codes and clickable links by scenario and user (moral or physical)

Creation of tags to simplify the search process for each user

Access to designed scenarios

All this features can be integrate in your sytem.

Services Hub (Optionnal)

Viewing photos, videos, data by scenario

Quick creation of QR codes

Sending an email for user containing QR code or clickable link

User portal access management

Creation of search filters by file, photo, video, form…

On premises Pdf editor (option)

Recovery API

Collect and Prove now offers over 50 features available for creating new scenarios, templates. Here is a short list of some of the features we offer on the mobile application:

text field

Allows the addition of textual information or numbers preceded by a title, limited or not in terms of character. The format is also taxable.


Allows the recording of handwritten signatures identical to the paper process. The signature is keeexed as a photo or video.


Allows you to superimpose a predefined highlighted image in front of the sensor. Reproduce an identical photo before after renting equipment.



Buttons can be used to choose an answer (yes/no for example), complete and validate a scenario, give an  access to a new page.

API Call

Allows a call to an external database to check the existence of information written by the user before validation (file number, container number, etc.)


Allows to superimpose a gridded selector on top of a defined image. E.g.: Selecting the different parts of a damaged container.

Probative Photo / Video

Allows the capture of convincing photos and videos. Image quality, mandatory GPS, image width are examples of possible options.


Allows the generation of as many pages as desired conditioned by button. Ex: Create a menu field to access several different scenarios.


Allows the generation of predefined lists of selectable information. One list can condition another (specific development condition)

You can choose different services of visualization

Once the data is captured by the mobile application we offer different ways of retrieval:

Sending by API on your services. In this case, your data can never be seen, accessed or used by KeeeX.
Provision of our web portal KeeeX Audit. Photos can be hosted on your services. In this case, an exchange with your database is necessary to display the information produced.
Development on premises of a Backoffice/Backend on specifications
Sending by email. This method is only recommended for a test or demo phase.


Viewing portal (Hub)

On Premises portal

Mail for test and demo

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