The application that digitalizes all your business processes

Stop transcribing, digitize. Eliminate paper in your company and guarantee excellence by certifying all data collected by the mobile application.

In short :

Unforgeable photos and videos

Proof of integrity in files, verifiable without time limits or third parties

Digital signature

Authenticity guaranteed, 100% eIDAS signature compliant

Secure timestamp

To the second via time server. Optional eIDAS qualified timestamping

Blockchain proof of existence

Deposit of a universal and immutable proof of existence

GPS coordinates

Sealed in the photos. Possible to restrict shooting if GPS signal is not accurate

Contextual metadata

Tags, references, batch or product numbers can be added in the media

Secure sending to your servers

By API, SFTP or email. The data is sent directly to you.

Over 50 features

To Digitize all your business processes

Three Tools : A Turnkey solution that adapts to your business need

Collect and Prove by KeeeX is a combination of a mobile application, a management backoffice and optionnally a web service portal. Our solution allows the real-time collection of photo, video and data evidence via a custmizable forms. The collected media is authenticates, timestamped, geolocated and can be sent directly to your servers without KeeeX intervention.

Backoffice : Manage
Mobile App : Use
Hub : View

Use cases

Probative data collection (even offline)

Guarantees the integrity of your data from the moment they are taken even Offline. Purpose a solution that can be collectable to protect data as soon as it is captured. Can be quickly integrate in traceability process.

Probative digitisation (documents and process)

Dematerialise all your documents still in paper format, supress all you’re retranscription actions, suppress the stock of paper and increase you’re ROI

Remote Audit (proof of event, proof of presence)

Auditing is good, but remote auditing is even better. Stop travelling when it is not strictly necessary, meet your CSR commitments and save on human and accommodation costs with probative photo and video


KeeeX Technology

KeeeX is a French pioneer in securing and certifying digital files using the benefits of the blockchain. It holds two EU/US patents. The patent is based on the embarkation of a trust passport for all file formats (+250 formats). Photo Proof Pro integrates KeeeX technology to secure forms, photos, videos as soon as they are taken, making the data collected indisputable as to their integrity, origins, date and place of taking.


With KeeeX, the hash (which protects the integrity of the file) is embedded in the metadata. The data can be stored on your environment and auditable without dependency on our infrastructure.

Reminder of the self-supporting evidence

Each photo, video, data carries a digital passport invisible to the naked eye integrating proof of integrity, anteriority, date, source (user’s signature) and geolocation.

How to verify a keeexed file ?

All keeexed file embedded an invisible digital passeport that can be control and read by differents ways

Free Web Portal

All Keeexed files can be quickly verify on our free web portal:


Component Integration

Our verification modules can be integrated into your own system. The first way is to give you the same framework that we used on our verification devices. The second way is to generate your own design module on our component. Below is an example of our iframe component.


Files are processed locally during verification. No data will be transmitted to our servers.
As we like to say: “Don’t trust, verify” ! Do not hesitate to activate the aeroplane mode before checking your files 😉


Is the application usable even in poor conditions?

Yes, perfectly! Once connected, media protection is done locally on the phone. The timestamp and the sending of the information to your server are done once the Internet connection is restored.

How long does it take to deploy?

The deployment is very fast. The generic Collect and Prove mobile application is available on the Android and Apple stores. Creating a custom scenario takes a few hours. Setting up to receive the elements on your server is also very quick, just open an API route (we can also set up a proxy) or provide a storage server (sftp, object storage).

Why you rather than a competitor?

For various reasons! We like to say that you will like us because you can leave us whenever you want. KeeeX is not a trusted third party. By embedding evidence directly into photos and videos, your files remain verifiable for free, with no time limit, even without KeeeX. Your photos can be reused in your business processes or help train image recognition algorithms.

What is the legal validity of your solution ?

Collect and Prove is 100% eIDAS compliant. We embed integrity, date and digital signature evidence in your files. By opting for qualified time stamping, you benefit from a presumption of validity by default. Because keeexed files carry their own evidence record, our clients typically see a reduction in disputes by providing them to the other party.

What elements can I include in a scenario?

You can include in a scenario your logo, titles, text fields, drop-down lists, date fields, photo or video shots, manual signatures, mandatory fields, pre-filled fields.

Can I use it in different countries?

Yes, our mobile application Collect and Prove by KeeeX is now used in more than 50 countries. It is already available in different languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese. Other languages can be added on demand.

Link for mockup : Designed by riandra

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